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Production costs for the publication of the Book of Poetry: The Forgotten Shore by J. P. Linstroth

J. P. Linstroth is an Adjunct Professor at Barry University.  His main academic research interests are: cognition, ethnonationalism, gender, genocide, history, immigrant advocacy, indigeneity, indigenous politics, indigenous rights, memory, peace, peacebuilding, racism, and trauma. Linstroth, steeped in the classics, has found the route through literature to the Greek ideal. Click the link above and join him in getting this book published, receive your copy of this work of art. 

Excerpt from:


O Aphrodite, Hephaestus and I are brothers…
Whence mine own arrogant, conceited, pompous…
His humble, vulnerable, masterful craftsman…
Mine own frivolous and vain…
His deferential, respectful, and diffident…
And yet, not without confidence…
I have known other women all the same…
It is only for you have I rapt attention…
O my Brazilian Aphrodite, née Portuguese conquistadores, née Amerindians, née
Afro-slaves, not to mention—other Europes intertwined…
You Aphrodite flowering laurels, anthophilous, Nature’s bounty…
You Aphrodite, so nimbly you disrobe—apodysophilia…
So too hydrophilous from seaing foam, effervescent, emergent on azure waves…
Giant cockles, envied all…
Your cynosure assured as no other, without contention…
And so you must choose, my radiant ebonied tresses, gorgeousness, delightful, elegance…
Full breasted, more alluring than Hera, more ravishing than Athena, more charming than Artemis…
Neither Helen of Troy, nor Nymph, nor Muse may compare to thee, thy beaming,
twinkling, goddess from the sea—only know me, only me…

Book order for Raphael Block

Friends of Poetic Matrix Press.  Here’s a great way to support Raphael Block, one of our authors, in his 2nd book with us and receive an early copy of the finished book.  Please show your support. Thanks John

Dear friends,

I would like you to join me in releasing my new book, Strings of Shining Silence: Earth-Love Poems.
Due for general publication in January 2017, if you pre-order now at http://raphaelblock.com/  you will receive a signed copy by mid-November.
On my website you will also find a short documentary made by Elias Koch on my life and work, which has been accepted as an entry to the Awareness Film Festival, LA.
I feel that I’m one of thousands of seeds sprouted by the Earth in this time of need. You, no doubt, are another such seed.

Raphael Block

Francisco Memorial Reading

On Thursday Feb. 18th a large group gathered at the John Natsoulas Gallery in Davis to celebrate the life and work of Francisco X Alarcon

who on Jan. 16th Untitled-1 passed from this place to that on his journey.  So many souls that he has touched and so they came to honor him and to honor  Javier and Francisco’s family.  Love to you brother!

The following featured poets read poetry at Canto Hondo: A Memorial Reading for Francisco X. Alarcon:
JoAnn Anglin
Paul Aponte
Francisco Aragón
Lucha Corpi
Luz Maria Gama
Marta Garcia
Nancy Aidé Gonzalez
Xico Gonzalez
Nicole Henares
Zheyla Henriksen
Suzy Huerta
Dr. Andy Jones
Arturo Mantecon
Gerardo Pacheco Matus
Adela Najarro
Rosie Ochoa
William O’Daly
Graciela B. Ramirez
Betty Sanchez                                                                                                                                                    Allegra Siberstein
Bob Stanley

Special Guests :
Javier Pinzon
Members of the Alarcon Family
Kalpulli Xihuacoatl Danzante Group
Mariachi Cielito Lindo

Mandy Patinkin

Earlier today I saw a CBS News piece on actor Mandy Patinkin as he went to a beach on a Greek island as refugees came ashore.  He went to, as he said “connect with reality” and meet these people as they fled conflicts in the Middle-East.  Patinkin said “fear is the poison of our lives.” Our humanity is at risk if we don’t help these people. “I’m not a politician. I’m an actor. I refer to myself as a humanitician. And all I want for myself, my children and for all people all over the world, is to be less afraid,” Patinkin said.

After the obscene pronouncement from the Republican candidate in the earlier news segment Patinkin’s passionate and oh so human response to these people was so so heartening.  In him I saw a man fully human and I was so touched and moved.  Fear is a poison that must not take over our lives else we walk around devoid of what it means to be human.  He said reaching out to those in need is a kindness and is what we must do.  And I am so grateful to him for manifesting his humanness. That is what we must see in this time of bigotry and playing on other’s fear.

Mandy Patinkin is a man of consequence, my respect and love to him in this time of confusion. Go here to see the news item.

-John Peterson

Thanks Leroy

I just saw Trump’s disgusting and abusive portrayal of a disabled person. Having just published Leroy Moore’s book Black Kripple Delivers Poetry & Lyrics I realize how much Leroy has affected me. Leroy has the same speech and physical patterns that Trump caricatured but the great difference between them is that Leroy has great compassion for those who share his disability. And let me tell you his intelligence far out shines Trump’s and mine. He works tirelessly for the rights of the disabled, for the rights of black disabled persons, the rights of disabled women and for the rights of all of us to give up our prejudice and ignorance. May his love spread far and wide. Leroy is the kind of person I wish to see showing us how to include all people in our human community. Thanks Leroy.

John Peterson

Tomás Gayton


Sojourn on the Bohemian Highway
by Tomás Gayton
108 pages, retail price $16.00

Sojourn on the Bohemian Highway is the peripatetic poets’ travelogue in prose and poetry in the tradition of W.H. Auden’s “Letters From Iceland.” Tomás paints pictures with words as he travels the world on the open road. With him you witness life in the Afro-Caribbean and in the womb of Mexico. He takes you on a safari in Mama Africa that rises onto the ethereal heights of Mount Kilimanjaro. Tomás’ journey reflects on themes of social injustice and spiritual catharsis. The world he shares with you is always colorful and full of life’s melodies and rhythms. Join Tomás in his sojourn for peace and justice in a strife ridden world.

“Gayton advances the development of investigative poetics in his new work, especially in the “Safari Song” section that focuses on the new South Africa. The worldwide presence of this highly conscious African-American poet in the new millennium contributes to positive prospects for the future of humanity.”
— David Henderson, De Mayor of Harlem and Neo-California. His bio of Jimi Hendrix is available in a recent new edition.

Tomás was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, the grandson of African American pioneers. He began writing verse soon after graduating with a Juris Doctor from the University of Washington. Tomás is a Civil Rights attorney/activist and world traveler who lives in San Diego. His poetry is his life in verse. His words appear in various publications and literary journals. Tomás’ most recent volume of poetry is Vientos de Cambio/Winds of Change, published by Poetic Matrix Press. Others include: Yazoo City Blues, Time of the Poet, Dark Symphony in Duet with the late Sarah Fabio, and Two Races, One Face, with John Peterson. Tomas’ work is also featured on his website (www.sambajia.com).

For more information on Sojourn on the Bohemian Highway please contact the publisher at poeticmatrix@icloud.com. Bookstores and individuals can order Sojourn on the Bohemian Highway through Small Press Distribution (SPD) www.spdbooks.org. See all Poetic Matrix Press volumes at www.poeticmatrix.com.

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Our Press is joining 11 Main a new Shopping Site.

Currently our books are discounted but we receive our full cover price. Our shop is open with a limited number of titles, more are being added daily. We hope that with the addition of this site we can reach many more avid readers of poetry and the other books we publish. You get the discount we get the full price, now is a good time to buy a book. Go to our shop at:


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Poetry Bookshelf

Poetry Bookshelf

Having a full bookshelf of poetry books is one mark of an active and well-read intelligence. The benefits are many, from the quiet moment in the night where a short poem is perfect to a warm afternoon where a chosen book is just right.

There are other times where a deep read provokes insight and reflection. In my position as publisher I have had occasion to write a note on a book I have helped bring to life. I quote a couple here:

Back cover of:
Listening: New & Selected Works by Charles Entrekin

Enlightenment, it can be said, is a stringing
together of momentary blissful connections.
Each of these poems is indeed such a moment.
As a book they string together one’s life, that
portion of one’s life that can be said by a poet
with the power of language at his command:

“We are no longer strangers.
She lies beside me in sunlight,
and already I know her like a memory.”

Listening: New & Selected Works is such a
stringing together, and somewhere in the beauty
of the language there is an awakening, the poet’s
for sure, and ours if we will let it. We could say
life is a stringing together of momentary blissful
connections, the good and the beautiful, that
stay with us and both define and illuminate our
lives. And that does not negate the terrible. The
terrible allows us to draw truth to our journey as well.
Charles, through a perfection of his gifts,
allows us to connect these moments
and enjoy his enlightened journey.

From the back cover of
The Gathering by Diana Festa

Curl up by a fire with a glass of port to truly enjoy The Gathering. Ms. Festa
opens up very difficult life experiences where she struggles to bring some
kind of understanding. We don’t see this in poetry all that often and it can
make a difficult read to the uninitiated. But the beauty of her language and
the depth of her understanding make her subject palatable and carry the
reader to that place of truth and beauty to which poetry aspires.

 A library of poetry books lends itself to another pleasure.  On occasion I have been asked to present a reading of appropriate poetry at the New Thought Spiritual Center I go to.  Picking a theme, I can peruse the more than 40 poetry books our press has published and present the theme from many poet’s considered view. Not only does it make a delightful presentation but the pleasure in going through these many authors, seeking the right piece and pieces, is immense.

Theme – Unity

From Blessings and Curses by Anne Whitehouse


Slowly I’m achieving
a baby’s perfect posture,
when it learns to sit
without any strain,
shoulder blades
pressing into the back
like folded wings,
the shoulders back, too,
the crown of the head
over the soft palate and throat,
in line with the heart
down to the pelvic floor,
seat of the body.

My body fills with breath,
my heart at front and center,
thoughts dissolved,
softening, deepening
into the interval
where a goddess passes by.

Poetic Matrix Press has published over 40 poetry titles from poets around the US, Ireland, England, and Korea. Our books range from Nobel Prize nominee Korean poet Mun Duk-su (The Postman), to Lyn Lifshin’s Malala in celebration of Malala Yousafzai, winner Nobel Peace Prize for 2014. San Diego Book Award winners Shadab Zeest Hashmi and Brandon Cesmat; volumes by Gail Entrekin and Joseph Milosch and the 3 volume set of Arthur W. Campbell’s TRIAL & ERROR The Education of a Freedom Lawyer. Many more from Tomás Gayton, Joe O’Connell, Joe Zacardi, Grace Grafton, Joan Michelson, James Downs, Chris Hoffman, Francisco X. Alarcón’s recent volume: Borderless Butterflies: Earth Haikus and Other Poems / Mariposas sin fronteras: Haikus terrenales y otros poemas, Dan Tharp, Richard Kovac, Lee Underwood, Molly Weller, Brian Bronson, Raphael Block, Joel Netsky, Rayn Roberts, Adam Funk, John Peterson, Sandra Stillwell; memoir with poetry by Ruth Rosenthal and Yearn Hong Choi. Also an anthology of Korean-American poets edited by Yearn Choi.

This is a list of quality, creativity and beautiful insight into the human condition. We have a number of prose volumes as well. We invite you to start or extend your library by adding these books to your bookshelf. To assist you we will send a 3rd volume when you order 2. Choose 3 volumes now and get the 3rd at no cost, or buy 1 now, 1 later and we’ll send the 3rd for free. (we’ll add shipping cost) Go to our website www.poeticmatrix.com and use the email Contact at the bottom of the page to order. We’ll invoice you through PayPal (you can use your credit card and do not need to join PayPal) or via postal mail – let us know. We’ll let you know when a new title arrives. Help yourself, the press, and the authors and build your library. The poets write to be read by you and we publish to fill your bookshelf and your life.

Thank you.
John Peterson, Publisher
Poetic Matrix Press