Mandy Patinkin

Earlier today I saw a CBS News piece on actor Mandy Patinkin as he went to a beach on a Greek island as refugees came ashore.  He went to, as he said “connect with reality” and meet these people as they fled conflicts in the Middle-East.  Patinkin said “fear is the poison of our lives.” Our humanity is at risk if we don’t help these people. “I’m not a politician. I’m an actor. I refer to myself as a humanitician. And all I want for myself, my children and for all people all over the world, is to be less afraid,” Patinkin said.

After the obscene pronouncement from the Republican candidate in the earlier news segment Patinkin’s passionate and oh so human response to these people was so so heartening.  In him I saw a man fully human and I was so touched and moved.  Fear is a poison that must not take over our lives else we walk around devoid of what it means to be human.  He said reaching out to those in need is a kindness and is what we must do.  And I am so grateful to him for manifesting his humanness. That is what we must see in this time of bigotry and playing on other’s fear.

Mandy Patinkin is a man of consequence, my respect and love to him in this time of confusion. Go here to see the news item.

-John Peterson

Thanks Leroy

I just saw Trump’s disgusting and abusive portrayal of a disabled person. Having just published Leroy Moore’s book Black Kripple Delivers Poetry & Lyrics I realize how much Leroy has affected me. Leroy has the same speech and physical patterns that Trump caricatured but the great difference between them is that Leroy has great compassion for those who share his disability. And let me tell you his intelligence far out shines Trump’s and mine. He works tirelessly for the rights of the disabled, for the rights of black disabled persons, the rights of disabled women and for the rights of all of us to give up our prejudice and ignorance. May his love spread far and wide. Leroy is the kind of person I wish to see showing us how to include all people in our human community. Thanks Leroy.

John Peterson