Gail Rudd Entrekin and Charles Entrekin


The Art of Healing
by Gail Rudd Entrekin and Charles Entrekin

Gail and Charles are well known to Poetic Matrix Press. We have published two books by Gail and one by Charles. In this volume they alternate pieces exploring the very trying journey through Charles’ cancer. Charles writes confronting this in himself and Gail writes as his spouse, lover and caregiver. They both are gifted poets and through this writing they reveal the difficulties and extreme love that takes Charles to complete remission. To say this is beautiful is an understatement. This is a read that all those who have experienced a trauma or have cared for someone will find enlightening and just beautiful. (available soon)


Black Swan
“A wise man proportions his belief to the evidence.”
David Hume (1711-1776), An Inquiry Concerning
Human Understanding

Cold and dark, the moon on the pond,
the black swan sits unseen,
undiscovered, waiting
like a shadow on a PET scan
a mass in my chest.
The exception disproves the rule.
The white swans everyone finds
do not define the color
or the shape of despair.
I wake to the sound of a sheet
flapping in the breeze.
My wife sits at my side.
With the coming of dawn,
my black swan recedes.
Too soon to choose
the right pair of shoes,
what to be buried in,
the color of my shirt.



The Love Embrace of the Universe….
after Frieda Kahlo

Here I am in my red dress, my long hair blowing
and in my arms you are curled, a naked child man
your blind blue eyes, a third eye large, black
and wiser than we know, in the center of your head.
A brown goddess fills the frame, holding us both
in her generous lap, her nipple dripping, a tree
sprouting from her shoulder, and around us
in her arms she is holding everything that grows
roots dangling from her wrists and fingers
and, love, we are safe here. You are holding
fire but the sky is awash in mist and moon
and we will not burn. Go to sleep.
We will not burn.