Charles Entrekin and Gail Rudd Entrekin

The Art of Healing                                                                                                                                                           a new books of poetry on healing from cancer due out fall 2015                                                                                by Poetic Matrix Press


Something Coming

We are beginning to understand something
of what is coming, to go beyond sensing a shadow
in the woods watching us, and to see it take shape,
see it coming toward us across a field, zigzagging
as it does, now standing idle and watching the sky,
now heading directly for us at a trot. And realizing
that we are seen, that it will find us no matteru
what we do, we are slowing down.
We are
standing very still hoping to blend with the waving
greens of this raw springtime, to stay downwind
of it as warmer breezes pick up and buffet the leaves,
the grasses, tossing everything in a moving salad
of life; we sway on our legs, trying to move with the air
that surrounds us, and we stop thinking of what is around
the next bend in the path, stop planning our next
escape route, and begin to merge with the moment;y
we have slipped into a painting by Van Gogh
something is coming again across the fields and we
are open as sunflowers in full bloom
to these last moments on the earth.


Losing the Light

You’ve been thrown like a stone,
skipping across the surface of moments,
rings circling outwards
from where you have been,
knowing you are losing
the here and now.

Until you begin sinking,
seamlessly drifting down
and the world is still outside
in the growing distance.

But you are not drowning,
there is no pain,
there remains the ordinary day
all around you,
and so you ask,
what happened to the light?