Melodic Rose


Lay the earth bare
Let every child resound
Let every voice
throw its weight
against the sky.

Let every lost soul
succumb to the day of reckoning
How the temperature rose
higher than the
oceans tide
How bodies
sound like symphonies
the night after a revolution.

How women sound
after they’ve been stripped
as bare as bones
and diametric art.

How women whisper
wistful luscious thoughts
Folded backwards,
mounting into greatness.
Flowing down into secret chambers
Ebbed on by the dissident sigh
of the ocean.

How night contains
frightful condemnation
How night became the onslaught
of the tangible.

A great divide
a wreckless diatribe
of retribution.

By Melodic Rose


Somewhere far away
there’s a planet
straddling the fault line
between our Galaxy and the distant one.
It’s name is eternity.

And on this planet
time stands
s t i l l.

It is where morning fades into day
and if you saw the sunset
you’d know that every heart beat
resounds against the sky,
like an anthem for love.

Because eternity is but a drop
and if you could feel its grandeur then
you would know
that life was never meant to be contained.

It was meant to be loud
and beautiful.
It was meant to be full of valleys
as well as hills.

If you ever happen to visit eternity
then I hope you’ll send a post card back for me.
Cut a piece out of all that wonder
Just so for once
I can say
that I’ve tasted heaven.
Seen myself echoed back through
that vast expanse.

If you ever happen to visit eternity
I hope you will take a piece
of all that stagnant time
and send it my way.

I am sure it will be rusted
from being dormant for so long
but I will hang it around my neck
to remind me,
that perhaps it is the only thing that matters.

That maybe we have all the beauty
we’ll ever need.
Maybe we are just seconds in the clock.
Powerful like every shooting star
filtrating the dusk.

And we needn’t journey anywhere
Because eternity was never meant to be a destination.
Perhaps… it is only us.

By: Melodic Rose

I am a performance poet from Montreal and I have been writing poetry for 15 years. I am passionate about using the written words to explore social and political issues pertaining to race, spirituality and navigating the complexities of being a woman in our society

Melodic Rose

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