Poetry Bookshelf

Poetry Bookshelf

Having a full bookshelf of poetry books is one mark of an active and well-read intelligence. The benefits are many, from the quiet moment in the night where a short poem is perfect to a warm afternoon where a chosen book is just right.

There are other times where a deep read provokes insight and reflection. In my position as publisher I have had occasion to write a note on a book I have helped bring to life. I quote a couple here:

Back cover of:
Listening: New & Selected Works by Charles Entrekin

Enlightenment, it can be said, is a stringing
together of momentary blissful connections.
Each of these poems is indeed such a moment.
As a book they string together one’s life, that
portion of one’s life that can be said by a poet
with the power of language at his command:

“We are no longer strangers.
She lies beside me in sunlight,
and already I know her like a memory.”

Listening: New & Selected Works is such a
stringing together, and somewhere in the beauty
of the language there is an awakening, the poet’s
for sure, and ours if we will let it. We could say
life is a stringing together of momentary blissful
connections, the good and the beautiful, that
stay with us and both define and illuminate our
lives. And that does not negate the terrible. The
terrible allows us to draw truth to our journey as well.
Charles, through a perfection of his gifts,
allows us to connect these moments
and enjoy his enlightened journey.

From the back cover of
The Gathering by Diana Festa

Curl up by a fire with a glass of port to truly enjoy The Gathering. Ms. Festa
opens up very difficult life experiences where she struggles to bring some
kind of understanding. We don’t see this in poetry all that often and it can
make a difficult read to the uninitiated. But the beauty of her language and
the depth of her understanding make her subject palatable and carry the
reader to that place of truth and beauty to which poetry aspires.

 A library of poetry books lends itself to another pleasure.  On occasion I have been asked to present a reading of appropriate poetry at the New Thought Spiritual Center I go to.  Picking a theme, I can peruse the more than 40 poetry books our press has published and present the theme from many poet’s considered view. Not only does it make a delightful presentation but the pleasure in going through these many authors, seeking the right piece and pieces, is immense.

Theme – Unity

From Blessings and Curses by Anne Whitehouse


Slowly I’m achieving
a baby’s perfect posture,
when it learns to sit
without any strain,
shoulder blades
pressing into the back
like folded wings,
the shoulders back, too,
the crown of the head
over the soft palate and throat,
in line with the heart
down to the pelvic floor,
seat of the body.

My body fills with breath,
my heart at front and center,
thoughts dissolved,
softening, deepening
into the interval
where a goddess passes by.

Poetic Matrix Press has published over 40 poetry titles from poets around the US, Ireland, England, and Korea. Our books range from Nobel Prize nominee Korean poet Mun Duk-su (The Postman), to Lyn Lifshin’s Malala in celebration of Malala Yousafzai, winner Nobel Peace Prize for 2014. San Diego Book Award winners Shadab Zeest Hashmi and Brandon Cesmat; volumes by Gail Entrekin and Joseph Milosch and the 3 volume set of Arthur W. Campbell’s TRIAL & ERROR The Education of a Freedom Lawyer. Many more from Tomás Gayton, Joe O’Connell, Joe Zacardi, Grace Grafton, Joan Michelson, James Downs, Chris Hoffman, Francisco X. Alarcón’s recent volume: Borderless Butterflies: Earth Haikus and Other Poems / Mariposas sin fronteras: Haikus terrenales y otros poemas, Dan Tharp, Richard Kovac, Lee Underwood, Molly Weller, Brian Bronson, Raphael Block, Joel Netsky, Rayn Roberts, Adam Funk, John Peterson, Sandra Stillwell; memoir with poetry by Ruth Rosenthal and Yearn Hong Choi. Also an anthology of Korean-American poets edited by Yearn Choi.

This is a list of quality, creativity and beautiful insight into the human condition. We have a number of prose volumes as well. We invite you to start or extend your library by adding these books to your bookshelf. To assist you we will send a 3rd volume when you order 2. Choose 3 volumes now and get the 3rd at no cost, or buy 1 now, 1 later and we’ll send the 3rd for free. (we’ll add shipping cost) Go to our website www.poeticmatrix.com and use the email Contact at the bottom of the page to order. We’ll invoice you through PayPal (you can use your credit card and do not need to join PayPal) or via postal mail – let us know. We’ll let you know when a new title arrives. Help yourself, the press, and the authors and build your library. The poets write to be read by you and we publish to fill your bookshelf and your life.

Thank you.
John Peterson, Publisher
Poetic Matrix Press

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