Tomás Gayton


Africa is billowy primrose clouds
on sky blue canvas
barefoot Masai boys wearing red plaid blankets
herding scrawny goats and cattle
over ruddy dry earth, purple-green foothills—
our primal ancestral common ground
Thompson’s gazelles graze sparse dry grass
giraffes browse on thorny treetops
loping in slow motion across the Serengeti plain—
a ballet of pachyderms crossing in deep water single file
An elegant leopard languishes on naked limb of an ancient tree


African Princess

In a time capsule crossing Africa’s Rift Valley
on Serengeti’s vast plain a spirited young actress
Lady Emma and I are on the Ukimwi road together
on wildlife safari from Nairobi to Harare
our souls ignite in song, carefree and silly
Her playful laughter lulls me to sleep at sundown
I dream we are standing in the African bush—
she close behind me as I place my hands on hers
Together we thrill to thunder of the lion’s roar
the flash of lightning
in dark cool Serengeti night—
until I am awakened by falling rain
and Emma’s gleeful chatter at sunrise


from – Sojourn on the Bohemian Highway
by Tomás Gayton

Poetic Matrix Press

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