I am Homeland

I am Homeland
Twelve Korean-American Poets
Edited by Yearn Hong Choi
New from Poetic Matrix Press
Available on our website

By Doo Hyun Chung

An Empty Tomb

In the midst of fire shell of the Korean War,

My father, missing
No traces to his death

My mother,
Her husband,
Built a tomb for her husband’s missing
Or death
Without his remains or ash

That was her last dedication to her beloved husband

Buried in the empty grave of my father,
The last scene of his back walking out

Inside the empty grave,
Echoes of his last footsteps in October 1950

She passed away, and so
Passed an ideological war of one generation

Do not say, it
is empty  Never

Never, never, never

Doo Hyun Chung is a medical doctor (radiologist) in Maryland.  Poet, painter and sculptor.  His poetry book is Reincarnation of Budapest (in Korean).  He received the Overseas Poet Award from the Yoon Dong-ju Memorial Group in Seoul.

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