In Malala’s Spring Dream – Lyn Lifshin

In Malala’s Spring Dream

the pond is a
dark blossom
unfolding. If she
were to move to
the window in the
dream, there
would be white
lilies thru blinds,
instead of a
Fog lips on roots
and willows
filtering into
dreams of swans.
The light polishing
water, connecting
what was behind
her to what’s

Lyn Lifshin is a prolific poet sometimes know as the Queen of Small Press poetry. Poetic Matrix Press published her 2010 book Katrina. This poem is excerpted from her upcoming volume, Malala.

When I was Young and Proud – Raphael Block

When I was Young and Proud

When I was young and proud
   owner of a lawn
      it would have caused offense.
But now, singing dandelions
   innocently declare summer’s height
      while couched between
thrive purple petaled lights—
   morning glory untouched
      by the whirring blade of notions
for Queen Anne’s lace
   and soft bare feet
      to sink and rise
with violet-green swallows’
      first chirruping flights.

Raphael Block is a poet living just outside of beautiful Sebastopol, California, north of San Francisco. This poem is from his book, Spangling Darkness, which is being published as part of our Spring 2013 Season of Poetry.